Monday, March 28, 2011

Review: Junk Culture and Girl Talk Take Over Los Angeles' Palladium

Photo/Review: Dean Wick
Junk Culture and Girl Talk
March 26, 2011
The Hollywood Palladium

On the last night of a two month tour, Junk Culture touched down at The Hollywood Palladium to open a night of revelry as abrupt as a neighborhood block party. Mixing so many samples, Costco couldn't compete, he sated even the most deficit-disorder afflicted amongst the crowd. Junk Culture (aka Deepak Mantena) brought his brother along to play live drums for the tour, adding an additional layer of intricacy to the sonic patchwork stitched together with a mixer, deck and mic. A nod to the sound of LA cult film The Room was injected into the set, perhaps because they had just landed in the front yard.

Max Tundra took the middle slot in the electronic mini-fest using vocals as well as pulling out a few 'instruments' that gave pause to the definition normally attributed to Dj's. As with all parties, the later it gets: the more people show up.

By the time Girl Talk came out with toilet-paper guns a blazin', the crowd was immediately in the air. Confetti guns, beach balls, dozens of people dancing onstage, and a massive balloon drop naturally were all part of this celebration. The mix throughout sounded eerily flawless, and just what everyone came for. This was the dance party to be at in Hollywood.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Guess Who's Back in the Muthafuckin' House

Photo: MEA (Wurstk├╝che)

I have been missing in whatever action you considered to be action for quite some time. Well, I'm back. I've moved back to Los Angeles (shout out to Glendale) and I'm ready to resume my role as one of the usual suspects. See you soon? Yeah. Probably.