Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sho Nuff Show Shots: From Paris, With Love - Singer/Composer Lisa Papineau

Photos: Kristy Sparow

Lisa Papineau did an in store performance at Gals Rock in Paris, France while promoting her latest release, 'Red Trees' (out now - Sargent House). The Sparow was there to capture the show, the charm and a couple of other interesting things in the shop. Enjoy.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Radio Free Silver Lake Presents Under Covered - A Rock Against HD Event

It's that time again: Radio Free Silver Lake is putting on another benefit show and all proceeds are going to research to cure Huntington's Disease.

What's Huntington's Disease? Huntington's Disease is a disorder passed down through families in which certain nerve cells in the brain waste away, or degenerate.
There is no cure but Joe Fielder and the Radio Free Silver Lake family are doing their part to help find one.

The show is on Sunday at All Star Lanes in Eagle Rock. It's an all ages gig, it starts at 7pm and it's only $8 to get in. If you don't already have plans for the holiday weekend, be sure to hit up the event and put that hard earned money of yours to good use.

The set times are as follows:
Seasons at 7:30
Rademacher at 8:15
George Glass at 9:00
The Hectors at 9:45
One Trick Pony at 10:30

Urbanology: Class Is In Session - Beyonce's "Why Don't You Love Me"

Beyonce - Why Don't You Love Me

Not really sure why she decided to go retro, but she does have that pin-up body. And I want to go on record as saying she might have the best boobs. Not too big, not too small. They stay put, they're natural and have no signs of droopage. Must be nice .. for Hova. This housewife sure wears a lot of stockings. It's almost as if Marilyn Monroe was a house wife. What a happy husband that would be.

-Crystal Holt

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Urbanology: Class Is In Session - Ciara and Ludacris' "Ride"

Ciara featuring Ludacris - Ride

Ciara does what she does best ... dance. Hahaha, you thought I was gonna say sing! Fools! She can "say ride the beat" 85 times, but we all know she's talking about riding the penis. The success of a good song is measured by the amount of ridiculous memes it inspires. Get on YouTube and see the big girl doing her rendition and commence rolling around the floor in gut wrenching guffaws.

Anyhoo, word is the hypocrisy that is BET banned this video for being too sexual. Maybe they are appalled that Ciara doesn't wear support hose ala Beyonce because as far as I am concerned the vagina acrobatics are about the same. Whoever put Ciara in that orange brimmed hat and big chunky gold earrings, THAT'S NOT A GOOD LOOK. Ce-ce must be doing something right, she has 50 Cent on lock. Look at this like a dick riding how-to exercise video, you know the one that Olivia Newton John originally wanted to put out while wearing her Sandy black spandex outfit. Now how does it go again? Swim suit, fur coat, Ferrari ride it or wet T-shirt, glistening boobs, mechanical bull ride-it. I can never get the sequence straight on these things.

-Crystal Holt

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Urbanology: Class Is In Session - Nicki Minaj's "Massive Attack"

Nicki Minaj - Massive Attack

Hmm ... I'm confused. What the hell is this song about? What the hell is a Tom Tom and why is it bigger than a monster? What is going on in this video? What's up with the freaky monster dancing dudes from the So You Think You Can Dance tryouts? Amber Rose getting her Barbie Lamborghini on. Minaj licking her teeth? Army of asian barbies in pink wigs? My head hurts. If her plan was to confuse the hell out of me ... SUCCESS!!! I'm just going to sit back and watch this Minaj person over time to see what the hell she's all about. It is not yet evident. I don't even think she knows. Kudos to the art director. Viva the Black Barbie movement I suppose. I just wish she was talking about something. How far does a pretty face, tiny waist and a fat ass get you ... to the top in the black world. Substance people. Substance over image. Only Gaga's bringing both at this stage. I'm going to wait and see.

-Crystal Holt

Sonic Treat of the Day: Hunting Club

Photo: Ryan Taylor and Josh Thacker

There is a band that I CANNOT stop listening to (if you follow my twitter rants, you've heard me talk about this already).

The band: Hunting Club.
The album: Self Titled (Plaid Album)

Why you should get it: It's better than most shit I get in my inbox. These guys hit the nail on the head...from beginning to end, this is a an album that is worthy of heavy rotation in your iPod, CD player, what have you. All summer long. It certainly will be for me. The recordings are the perfect combination of homegrown dirtiness and fantastic mixing (the boys had their album recorded and mixed at Vaudeville Studios by Jeff Halland). While "The Coast" and "Raising Arizona" were stand out tracks before I received the album in the mail, I am now head over heals for the last track on the album, "Cactai".

Because it's Tuesday, I'm going to give you not one, but TWO sonic treats today. Click on the titles to enjoy yourself some goodness.

The reason I fell for Hunting Club: "RAISING ARIZONA"

The reason I continue to scream my love for them at the top of my lungs: "CACTAI"

Hunting Club's self released and self titled album is out June 4th. The boys will be celebrating its release in their hood on that night. If you happen to be reading this and you live out there, go. And get the album. If you're not in Minneapolis, visit the band's Facebook, Myspace or Twitter pages and get yourself the album the moment it comes out.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Guess Who's Back in the Muthafuckin' States: Frightened Rabbit at The Music Box

Frightened Rabbit and Maps & Atlases
The Henry Fonda (Music Box)
May 23, 2010
Review and Photos: Joe McQuillen

I'm a big Frightened Rabbit fan. That said, I wasn't totally sold on the new album, in the short amount of time I had spent with it before the show. Feel free to now consider me sold. Maybe I was put off by what I felt was a lack of appropriate depression with the new stuff, but I suppose I don't need to rip out my heart every time I sing at the top of my lungs whilst driving my car. Passengers, be warned. So thanks for the great show gents, I am more than happy that I eschewed "whatever the fuck's on the tellie" to come see you.

Note: Maps & Atlases were great, too. They have inspired me to refer to any band with two or more beards as a hair band. Suck it Bret Michaels. What, too soon?



Eye Candy: Inlets' "Bright Orange Air"

Photo by Kristianna Smith

Check out the video for Inlets' "Bright Orange Air" - a track off Sebastian Krueger’s newest release, 'Inter Arbiter' (out now/twosyllable records).

"Bright Orange Air" by Inlets from twosyllable records on Vimeo.

Treat yourself to a download of "Bright Orange Air" by clicking here.

If you visit Stereogum you can get yourself a little string to thread in and out of said Inlets and gear yourself up for the show... it's a track you won't find on the record but it's a stunning lil ditty and you'll definitely want to check it out. I'm still digging Inlets' 2006 release, 'Vestibule'.

Mark your calendars with the following tour dates:
06/12 – New York, NY @ 92Y Tribeca
06/13 – Brooklyn, NY @ Littlefield
06/15 – Portland ME @ Space Gallery
06/17 – Montreal, QC @ Suoni Il Popolo Festival (Casa del Popol)
06/18 – Toronto, ON @ NXNE Festival (Whippersnapper Gallery)
06/19 – London, ON @ Gigs
06/20 – Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick
06/23 – Madison, WI @ Gates Of Heaven
06/24 – Minneapolis, MN @ Cedar Saloon
06/26 – Fargo, ND @ The Aquarium
06/30 – Boise, ID @ Neurolux
07/01 – Missoula, MT @ The Badlander
07/02 – Calgary, Alberta @ Sled Island Festival
07/04 – Vancouver, BC @ The Railway
07/05 – Portland, OR @ Doug Fir Lounge
07/06 – Seattle, WA @ High Dive
07/07 – Olympia, WA @ Northern
07/09 – Davis, CA @ Sophia’s
07/10 – San Francisco, CA @ Hemlock Tavern
07/11 – Los Angeles, CA @ Spaceland
07/12 – Tucson, AZ @ Solar Culture
07/14 – Denver, CO @ Larimer Lounge
07/15 – Lawrence, KS @ Jack Pot Saloon
07/16 – Columbia, MO @ Mojo’s
07/17 – Lexington, KY @ Al’s
07/18 – Asheville, NC @ The Rocket Club
07/19 – Washington, DC @ Black Cat
07/21 – New York, NY @ Joe’s

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Urbanology: Class Is In Session - J. Cole's "Lights Please"

J. Cole's mixtape single "Lights Please" made the rounds in L.A. without little fanfare though the track is quite hot. I predict J. Cole will blow up Drake-style by 2011 at the latest. His talent is evident. The first artist to be signed to Jay-Z's Roc Nation label. There is a consciousness and authenticity to Cole's music that Drake either doesn't have or is steadily losing with each and every A-list star colaboration. You can tell in the earnestness of his tracks that he's yet to be seduced by the fame and the bling. I hope he retains that quality after he's crossed the gates of success. Only time will tell.

-Crystal Holt

Urbanology: Class Is In Session - Full Crate & Mar's "I Said"

Full Crate & Mar

Shout out to Terrance at TIRM for hipping me to this. Get your repeat button out. This song is soooooooo dope. It's a mellow jazzy hip hop jam. It's a pop open your bottle of muscato, turn out the lights, light some candles and sprawl out on your chaise lounge and contemplate why you fucked your woman/baby daddy/mate/fuck buddy over. This is the type of cut where you go ... who is this???? And then you download all their shit just to see what they're about. Get your iTunes giftcard out and let the dopeness commence. Upgrade your inner ear people!

-Crystal Holt

Urbanology: Class Is In Session - Daniel Merriweather's "Red"

I now dub Daniel Merriweather's music as "Music to Break-Up To". I love his sound, not a bad face ... nice to see he's shed some of the weight. Now all he needs to do is gain some muscle tone and his fuckability and career would seriously skyrocket and chicks would be throwing panties on the stage with their phone numbers sharpied on them like a Tom Jones concert. I'm just saying. And why wasn't Adele in the video for Water and the Flame? They should have portrayed a torrid love affair - a match made in singer heaven.

-Crystal Holt

Eye Candy: ArpLine's "Fold Up Like a Piece of Paper"

ArpLine's video for "Fold Up Like a Piece of Paper" is quite blinky (like when you're contacts get all dry and you see everything all....of fuck, you know what I mean) but the track is great to listen to while you're getting ready to go out on the town or preparing to kick some ass. Check it out...the song can be found on their LP, 'Travel Book' - but because I love you so much for taking the time to read these posts, I'm going to share a link to the track with you. And why might you like the album? Well, Chris Coady, the same dude that produced Chris Coady Beach House, Delorean, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TV On The Radio and Grizzly Bear, just to name a few, co produced this here album of theirs that I'm talking about. Check it out for yourself.

ArpLine - Fold Up Like a Piece of Paper from think/feel on Vimeo.

The gang of Brooklyn dudes will be opening up for School of Seven Bells at a sold out show on June 10 at the Mercury Lounge. Stay tuned for more dates. Enjoy!


Eye Candy: Via Tania covers Fever Ray's "If I Had A Heart"

Via Tania does a beautiful acoustic cover of Fever Ray's "If I Had A Heart" with the haunting and alluring quality that only a voice like hers has. I had to share this with you. Her EP, 'Fields' is out on iTunes now. Though it does not include this track, the EP does include remixes by some of my favorites in the music biz, including The Juan MacLean. It's definitely worth your money and iPod space. Check it out. It's would also be wise of you to pick up her full length album, 'Moon Sweet Moon' while you're at it.

Via Tania - Fever Ray Cover from The Hours Entertainment on Vimeo.

Everest Live at The Mayan

Everest and Minus The Bear
The Mayan - Downtown Los Angeles
May 20, 2010
Photos: Joe McQuillen

I was tickled with excitement when I heard that Everest was going to be back in town last week...and thank goodness I got to see them before this wicked cold kicked the shit out of me. The band did not disappoint. Aside from playing several tracks from their earlier releases that many of us have come to know and love, they also played a few of my favorite tracks, including "Let Go", from 'On Approach' (out now on Warner Bros. Records). Though the crowd was filled with Minus The Bear fans, those of them that were there early enough to catch the band were treated to a tight set of musicianship from some of Los Angeles' best singer/songwriters. If you've yet to get their latest album and need some more convincing, allow me to treat you to a lil Sonic Treat:

CLICK HERE TO GET "LET GO" (LOVE this track!!)



Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Keep An Eye On These Guys: Mama Lion

April 27, 2010
San Francisco
Interview and Photos: Lorna Pacheco

The members of Mama Lion took the time to talk to Kill The Mic's San Francisco contributor, Lorna Pacheco. Who are Mama Lion? They are Victor Mitrani, Hana Frances Healy (corrected - sorry about that) and Gabriel Gipe. Their latest EP ('Gamble Gamble, Die') can be found on myspace and be purchased on iTunes. They are currently working on new music and plan to tour southern California. Definitely worth watching out for! As for the interview: there are a shitload of "likes" so brace yourself...

KTM: Thank you guys for joining Kill The Mic. I read somewhere that you are originally from San Diego?

Hana: We all came separately. I came to go to San Francisco State. (When) I graduated high school, I wanted to move up here. My sister was up here (and was) going to SFS.

Victor: I went to school at UC Santa Cruz and I reconnected with one of my friends who I knew from San Diego. Towards my senior year I was coming up to SF to hang out with him and (Hana) happened to be there and they would go into these crazy jams, and I would jam too.

Hana: Victor knew him from elementary school and me and Victor went to the same elementary school.

Victor: We lived in the same apartment complex, but we didn’t know each other. It was just like one of those "Whoa, what are you going to do now when you graduate?" "I'll go to san Francisco, work at a shitty job and play in a band."

Hana: He graduated as a business major.

Victor: Which is completely worthless, and then I asked Hana, "Oh we should start a band," and she said "OK." And we started jamming with some people and we were sort of a band. We didn’t call it a band for so long. It was like "We’re just jamming” and we played with them and it didn’t work out with them. At the end, Hana asked Gabe a question like, half question, like "Are you still drumming?" and Gabe (said) “Why you still need a drummer? I can drum buy drums."
And so we did a very formal, test out run with Gabe and you know…

Gabe: I think it's just funny, we all grew up in the same neighborhood, but I knew Hana since I was a kid.

KTM: Tell me a little about the song writing process?

Hana: We usually write songs separately. That’s how we started playing music, writing songs on our own, and that’s still how we do it. We usually make songs separately and then add on to it .

Victor: We play the song through. We sort of figure out an arrangement. Pretty much the main ideas are developed by the time we get it in there.

KTM: How would you describe your sound?

Hana: It's sort of like the same problem for us, we have a hard time describing it, we actually just finished recording this past weekend and the guy that was recording us was like, "Yeah I really couldn’t pinpoint, if we needed to call you a genre, like its really dynamic there’s a lot of different parts, different styles different influences, you know?" So I guess we just put it under the blanket of indie rock.

Victor: That’s just the easiest thing

Hana: Or folk rock. We made, like, a fake genre: Post College Rock.

Victor: Post College Folk Punk Rock. Post College Graduate School Rock


Hana: The most effective way is to say what people say we sound like, what our influences are gives you more of an idea than a genre.

Victor: Like country music. I really, really like Hank Williams, or Johnny Cash, which isn’t to mean I like Toby Keith or whatever; you just pick the best parts out of the stuff you like.

KTM: You put out a 4 song EP, any full length CD in the works in the near future?

Hana: We have tons of songs. We just need to get the money to record them. We met this guy who is recording us pretty cheap. We're probably going to record more songs. We recorded, like, 4 and a half songs. In a couple more months we are gonna do more as far as, like, a full album. That will be a couple months, you know if we do it.

KTM: Do you feel the San Francisco music scene is pulsating again?

Victor: There is definitely... as far as an interest to what’s happening in San Francisco. I would say so, but I noticed that a lot of those bands are sort of similar. People are excited about music which is great, but it's just, like, I don’t know, the garage rock sound of it is like…

Hana: I don’t know it's different now. I think there are a lot of specific genres that are popular and those are, like, the scenes that are really popular... Psychedelic Rock and Garage Rock.

Victor: Lo Fi Chill Wave…

Gabe: The all ages show were our biggest turn outs.

Victor: There are some really cool bands. It's really cool to see, like, Grass Widow. Now they are blowing up. There seems to be an interest in music.

KTM: Hana what’s your favorite song right now?

Hana: The first song on 'Death of a Lady’s Man' by Leonard Cohen, great song. Oh, also "Big White Cloud" by john Cale.

KTM: Victor, favorite guitarist?

Victor: Guitarist, wow, how much time you have? (laughter), I like, see it's different aspects. I like me some Lee Renaldo and Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth. I like Jimi Hendrix, I like Greg Ginn of Black Flag. I like so many guitarists, it's really, it's a lot of people.

KTM: All right, Gabe. Favorite movie of all time? And don’t say Avatar!

Gabe: This is really easy for me cause when people say what’s the biggest book that’s ever influenced you, the biggest band and the movie, the book would be "1984" the band would definitely be the Clash and the movie, well who am I kidding, Star Wars! Original Star Wars Trilogy. I can recite every line. I get in arguments at work on who is on the Jedi council. That’s how ridiculously dorky I am!

KTM: But you know what, you are still cool. It's not Star Trek. You got any shows lined up in the near future?

ML: We have a show May 27th with our friends' band, The Guns and that will be a fun.

KTM: Anything else you’d like to add?

Victor: We might go on tour afterwards. Maybe a southern California tour…

Hana: Possibly, but that wont be until August.

Victor: So south. Try to do Santa Barbara, try to visit my mom, we have friends in LA, San Diego, our biggest show, homecoming. We will see how things pan out.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sonic Treat of the Day: Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt is the perfect way to start your week. Seriously. This should be your Monday morning theme song. Kick the week's ass and you won't have to worry about it kicking yours.

CLICK HERE to let the incredible drumming begin.

'Earthly Delights' is out now and Lightning Bolt is getting ready to head out on the road again in June. Pray that they get a hair up their ass and come back to Los Angeles.

06/30 - Washington D.C. - DC9
07/01 - Charlotte, NC - The Milestone
07/02 - Chapel Hill, NC - Local 506
07/03 - Knoxville, TN - Pilot Light
07/04 - Atlanta, GA - Eyedrum
07/05 - Orlando, FL - Will's Pub
07/06 - Miami, FL - Churchill's Pub
07/07 - Tallahassee, FL - Farside Collective
07/08 - New Orleans, LA - Zeitgeist Multi Disciplinary Arts
07/09 - Houston, TX - Kohn's #
07/10 - Austin, TX - The Mohawk #
07/11 - Dallas, TX - Trees*#
07/12 - Little Rock, AR - Arkansas Community Arts
07/13 - Lawrence, KS - The Jackpot Saloon
07/14 - Iowa City, IA - The Picador
07/15 - Minneapolis, MN - Triple Rock Social Club
07/18 - Chicago, IL - Pitchfork Music Festival
07/19 - Detroit, MI - Museum of Contemporary Art!
07/20 - Bloomington, IN - Rhinos Youth Center
07/21 - Newport, KY - Southgate House
07/22 - Cleveland, OH - Grog Shop
07/23 - Pittsburgh, PA - Belvedere's

* = w/ Best Fwends
! = w/ Wolf Eyes
# = w/ Indian Jewelry

Eye Candy: Steel Train cover La Roux's "Bulletproof"

I think the Steel Train boys do an excellent job of covering the little dance number that has put La Roux on just about everyone's radar. Plus, it's shot and black and white and I'm a sucka for that shit.

The band did the cover as part of the ever growing Voice Project.

"The Voice Project is a US based non-profit supporting the women of Northern Uganda who have been using music effectively to bring soldiers home from Africa’s longest running war, the 24 year old conflict that has devastated the region of Northern Uganda, Congo, Southern Sudan and CAR."

Steel Train » La Roux from The Voice Project on Vimeo.

Visit the site, enjoy the projects, spread the word via twitter/facebook and support the cause by donating. Steel Train returns to California in July to play the El Rey and is currently on tour. Here are the dates:

JUN 22 2010

JUN 24 2010

JUN 25 2010

JUN 26 2010

JUN 27 2010

JUN 29 2010

JUN 30 2010

JUL 2 2010

JUL 6 2010

JUL 7 2010

JUL 9 2010

JUL 10 2010

JUL 12 2010

JUL 13 2010

JUL 14 2010

JUL 16 2010

JUL 17 2010

JUL 20 2010

JUL 21 2010

JUL 22 2010

JUL 23 2010

Friday, May 14, 2010

Sonic Treat of the Day: The Most Serene Republic

The Most Serene Republic has invaded my iTunes this week. Blame Canada. Good shit. Bad shit. Whatever. But let's be honest: We need to stop hating on Canada. They have given us some of the best music I've heard in the past 10 years. The Most Serene Republic is definitely another addition to my list of faves from our neighbors to the north or whatever the fuck they say.

CLICK HERE for a little treat from me to you.

Their latest effort is a 6 song EP titled 'Fantasick Impossibliss' and is definitely worth your hard earned money (for you non trust fund kiddos). Radiohead-esque progressions on the title heart is theirs. Louder. Louder. Louder. iTunes had the hook up or you can hit up a show and give the band your money directly. It's my favorite way to support the artists I like. And buy a shirt or something. For fuck's sake, do you really need that 4th Jack n Coke? No. You don't.

Catch the band at Spaceland tomorrow night or at any of the following dates for the last leg of their tour:

5/15/10 – Los Angeles, CA @ Spaceland
5/16/10 – Phoenix, AZ @ Rhythm Room
5/19/10 – Austin, TX @ Emo’s
5/20/10 – Houston, TX @ Mangos
5/21/10 – Denton, TX @ Hailey’s
5/22/10 – Little Rock, AR @ Stickey Fingerz
5/23/10 – St. Louis, MO @ Old Rock House
6/15/10 – Washington, DC @ DC9
6/16/10 – Philadelphia, PA @ North Star Bar
6/17/10 – Boston, MA @ Great Scott
6/18/10 – Brooklyn, NY @ Knitting Factory
6/19/10 – Hoboken, NJ @ Maxwell’s
6/20/10 – New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge
• all dates with Annuals & What Laura Says

Keep An Eye On These Guys: The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt

The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt
April 2, 2010
Amnesia Bar, San Francisco
Review: Lorna Pacheco
Photos: Joseph P. O'neil

With a huge duffel bag filled with inflatable props and costumes, this performance art-sing along-dance troupe-band of performers transformed Amnesia into one of those darkened Disney rides one went to as a kid (remember, large objects and images popping out of nowhere) and brought the house into a sweaty frenzy.

It was crazed and crowded, the hosts were feeding off from the energy of the crowd, who were dancing and singing the night away. It was an interactive event... an off off broadway musical without script, or spectators. It felt like a party with friends... the kind where you don’t give a fuck and you are able to shake your tail feather and cut loose. What better way to spend a wet, rainy Friday San Francisco night?

The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt's album "I Love You. I Love You. I Love You And I'm In Love with You, Have An Awesome Day! Have the Best Day of Your Life!" is out now. Get it and shake that ass.