Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Keep An Eye On This Guy: Ty Segall

Ty Segall
July 15, 2010
San Francisco, CA
Photos and words by: Lorna Pacheco

Only three things can lure me up to the wasteland that is known as the Upper Haight: Amoeba Records, the new Puerto Rican eatery, Parada 22, and a good lineup of bands at Milk Bar. San Francisco’s Ty Segall. performed his one man solo act. Beloved by the fortunate ones to be in the know of his no nonsense, raw, loud, crude sounds. With minimized instrumentation (an electric guitar and kick drum set), Segall’s DIY philosophy delivered a song stomping, playful, energetic performance. At one point, Ty looked up to the tightly packed audience and asked, “What song should I play next?” A few yelled out a couple of songs, but he just shook his head in disagreement, finally I hollered out, “Drop Out Boogie,” my favorite Captain Beefheart song (thank you Jerry Bultsma for the introduction to CB). Ty squinted his right eye and produced a serious face as if I had struck a nerve or point of contention. He was in thought, trying to figure out the chords, then began to play the familiar chords. His voice, muffled in echo and reverb, “You wanna do what? You wanna do what? I told you what?! I told you what?!" The kid seriously has arrived to where he wants to be with this style of music: a nostalgic post-punk homage, with plenty of blues infused within.

Ty Segall's new album, 'Melted,' is out now. He is currently on tour and is scheduled to play The Smell on August 4th. You can listen to his songs on MySpace. Go see Ty, it is good for the soul!

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