Thursday, July 15, 2010

Adventures in Dean-o-landia: Electric Daisy Carnival 2010

Electric Daisy Carnival
June 25th and 26th
Exposition Park & The L.A. Coliseum

spec·ta·cle –noun
1. anything presented to the sight or view, esp. something of a striking or impressive kind
2. a public show or display, esp. on a large scale

85,000 on Friday and 100,000 on Saturday, according to Kaskade's management company; while Sirius Radio touts "Over 250,000 people". It certainly seems like a mere 65,000 people could get lost in what is considered the largest electronic festival in North America. The press has been a bit rough on EDC; however, considering the scale and size of this event, you can attribute all they talk about to 1 or 2 percent of the overall attendees.

Walking through the crowd over the two-day event, you would see smiling faces everywhere connecting with friends past, present, and future --intent on enjoying the banquet of sights and sounds. Feasting on hard-hitting sets from Steve Aoki and MSTRKRFT in the Cosmic Meadow, you knew this audience would be coming back for seconds. The Kinetic Field hosted Deadmau5, Above & Beyond, Kaskade, and Armin Van Buuren. Beats were generously deployed to what seemed like a dancing army of living lights in the Coliseum itself. The 85+ artist lineup brought tears of joy to those reading the program, making some wonder how they could be in more than one place at one time.

Five separate stages continuously playing music tailored to every type of genre over an 11-hour period each day was enough to sate even the most voracious music lover. Reminding people why it's called 'Electric', a plethora of larger-than-life carnival rides were yours for the asking, if you dared. Fireworks brought dramatic color to the sky during the sets, giving them a little more of what they came for. It is something you can try to write about, but there is no substitute for seeing something this epic in person (hoping the pictures help).

EDC also holds concerts in Denver, Dallas, and the newest entry: Puerto Rico (why not?). The philosophy seems to be: If you don't go big, go home. It rarely gets bigger than this, friends. Whether winding through a tunnel of lights over 100 feet long, contemplating 8-foot flower sculptures glowing gently in a wash of light, watching metal behemoths engulf themselves in flames, trying to count the incredible number of disco balls that made their way into the tree you just passed, or simply savoring the sweet music dripping like a waterfall of honey from the decks, a land of pure-imagination exists everywhere in this garden of embellishments.

-Dean Wick

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