Friday, June 4, 2010

Urbanology: Class Is In Session - Dirty Money's "Hello Good Morning"

Dirty Money - Hello Good Morning

-Crystal Holt

Diddy is trying to re-live the days of Biggie and Ma$e when he was still on top musically. You know how I like my Diddy? Making clothes and telling me what's sexy. I don't want to hear you trying to sing and have a career - same goes for you Timbaland. Why producers always trying to be stars? If your name isn't Pharrell or Ne-Yo, stay out the booth. Stop having a heart attack, I can say nice things about Ne-Yo ... every blue moon ... Halley's comet. Why is T.I. on this song? He must have been bored in jail and just started writing random verses and stuck them in random ass songs. Don't even get me started about members of that defunct girls group who's name I can't remember because they were so flipping annoying. I don't want any part of you Dirty Money, Diddy. I like my money laundered.

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Nakia Stewart said...

I like Rick Ross but I don't like Diddy. Rick Ross made the video anyway but he needs to stop trying to sing!