Thursday, June 24, 2010

Electric Tickle Machine - Blew it Again - Vinyl Giveaway

Electric Tickle Matchine - "PART OF ME"

I want whoever wrote Electric Tickle Machine’s press kit on staff to write my fabulous biography to make it sound grand and interesting or maybe most of us just aren’t fortunate enough to have lived the colorful lives of the ETM crew. ETM’s brand new album Blew it Again drops June 29th. Be sure to cop that! If you’re feening for an ETM fix because you crackheads just can’t wait, download the free track “Part of Me” and get your tweak on. This whole album makes me want to drop acid, watch Across the Universe, get naked and steal a couple of cop cars in Utah. If you want a vinyl copy of this bad mamajama for FREEEEEEEEEEEEE, tweet me @saviaj about why your undeserving ass feels you are worthy in 140 characters or less. Make it interesting! I’ll announce the winner this Sunday, June 25th. Later twatters!

-Crystal Holt

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