Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Adventures in Dean-o-landia: Lightning In A Bottle 2010

Photos and review: Dean Wick

May 28 - 31, 2010
Lightning in a Bottle
Irvine, CA

Lightning in a Bottle is nothing like your garden variety big city festival. You can live a lifetime and not experience a phenomenon quite like this. Music and Art are truly integrated. Blank canvases are set up for dozens of on-site artists who transform the stark-white boards into commissions of majesty by the festivals end.

The crowed here comes prepared -- donning everything from giant panda bear suits and every sort of colorful cartoon character, to animal spirit hoods and more Mad-Max Chic than you can shake a stick at. Fire performers and stilt-walkers wardrobed to the hilt regaled the enthusiastic throng throughout the celebration.

Enjoy some photos from the event and a spotlight on Booka Shade:


Booka Shade took the closing spot on the main LIB stage Friday night, playing to arguably one of the largest single-stage crowds of the weekend. These men transcend the standard conventions of one person with a turntable, seemingly bouncing ideas off of each other on the fly. When you realize Arno Kammermeier and Walter Merziger grew up together and have produced thousands of tracks between them, it is no wonder that a simple nod or look shared is what keeps the track and the dance floor moving in perfect synchronicity. A live stand-up drummer exacting perfection from his sticks is a rare thing of beauty to behold, and a sight you may only see once while you vigorously frolic on the canvas of earth beneath you. Booka Shade make it clear they want us to enjoy life, and for that....we thank you.

Note on Video Clips: Please excuse the bass in the clips: This was filmed directly in front of the main stage subwoofer array (20 boxes lined up side-by-side in front of the stage--each one measuring approx. 4.5'H/2'W/5'D, housing 2 drivers per box). 40 massive bass-producing speakers slapping the crowd like a pimp who wants his money. Get the live feel from the clips, get the polished sound from the albums.

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