Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sonic Treat of the Day: Hunting Club

Photo: Ryan Taylor and Josh Thacker

There is a band that I CANNOT stop listening to (if you follow my twitter rants, you've heard me talk about this already).

The band: Hunting Club.
The album: Self Titled (Plaid Album)

Why you should get it: It's better than most shit I get in my inbox. These guys hit the nail on the head...from beginning to end, this is a an album that is worthy of heavy rotation in your iPod, CD player, what have you. All summer long. It certainly will be for me. The recordings are the perfect combination of homegrown dirtiness and fantastic mixing (the boys had their album recorded and mixed at Vaudeville Studios by Jeff Halland). While "The Coast" and "Raising Arizona" were stand out tracks before I received the album in the mail, I am now head over heals for the last track on the album, "Cactai".

Because it's Tuesday, I'm going to give you not one, but TWO sonic treats today. Click on the titles to enjoy yourself some goodness.

The reason I fell for Hunting Club: "RAISING ARIZONA"

The reason I continue to scream my love for them at the top of my lungs: "CACTAI"

Hunting Club's self released and self titled album is out June 4th. The boys will be celebrating its release in their hood on that night. If you happen to be reading this and you live out there, go. And get the album. If you're not in Minneapolis, visit the band's Facebook, Myspace or Twitter pages and get yourself the album the moment it comes out.

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