Monday, May 24, 2010

Guess Who's Back in the Muthafuckin' States: Frightened Rabbit at The Music Box

Frightened Rabbit and Maps & Atlases
The Henry Fonda (Music Box)
May 23, 2010
Review and Photos: Joe McQuillen

I'm a big Frightened Rabbit fan. That said, I wasn't totally sold on the new album, in the short amount of time I had spent with it before the show. Feel free to now consider me sold. Maybe I was put off by what I felt was a lack of appropriate depression with the new stuff, but I suppose I don't need to rip out my heart every time I sing at the top of my lungs whilst driving my car. Passengers, be warned. So thanks for the great show gents, I am more than happy that I eschewed "whatever the fuck's on the tellie" to come see you.

Note: Maps & Atlases were great, too. They have inspired me to refer to any band with two or more beards as a hair band. Suck it Bret Michaels. What, too soon?



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