Friday, April 9, 2010

The Runaways - Movie Review

By Crystal Holt

You know what, press screenings are weird. You go catch a movie in the middle of the afternoon with a bunch of jaded journalists who have seen everything under the sun and who aren’t necessarily a fan of anything in the film and are truly only there because they have to watch it for work. You don’t the energy of the people who want to see the film because the love Twilight or Charlotte’s Web or Joan Jett or the 70s. You can’t feed off the excitement of the person sitting next to you because they’re thinking the same thing you are, what they have to do after this gig.

That being said, I don’t know how to feel about this film. Honestly, it meanders. And I really feel like they marketed this as a Kristin Stewart/Joan Jett vehicle and it’s not. It’s a Dakota Fanning vehicle and since when does she not take top billing over Kristin fricking Stewart? The first frame is about Cherie Currie and I’m pretty sure the last one is too. It’s about the rise and death of The Runaways. You see Cherie’s journey, her family, her life evolve. You don’t see any of that with Joan Jett and the actual Joan Jett was an executive producer. I’m wondering how much of that was on purpose. No one truly wants their life and dirty little secrets splayed across the screen for the world to judge, but someone else’s … someone’s who’s you were there to witness even when they were too incapacitated to be a witness themselves … that’s another story all together.

The music kicks ass and I’m sure anyone who was around the first time those songs were popular will have flashbacks and sense memories of their childhood, adolescence and days of yore. And I’m not going to lie, while I was sitting there in the dark trying to push away the rays of ambivalence wafting off the person sitting next to me, I was secretly dreaming of becoming a kickass rock star that pushed boundaries and antiquated concepts of what people think women’s lib is and taking over the world. How many movies do that?

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