Monday, March 22, 2010

Noise Pop Festival 2010

Noise Pop Festival
Photos and Review: Lorna Pacheco
February 23-March 1, 2010
San Francisco

Noise Pop delivered a unique series of performances,\ and films with its 18th installment here in San Francisco, from legendary Yoko Ono to local bands that are on the cusp of stardom, such as The Dodos and Maus Haus. Here is my recap of what I went to see as there were just too many shows to choose from.

Wednesday night at Café Du Nord the line up started with the Young Prisms, not the first to say the obvious but the young band had a My Bloody Valentine, distorted garage sound to them. The three-piece band, The Sandwitches, played a down-tempo emotive set and Southern California’s Best Coast, where Bethany Consentino, lead singer brought the house down with the bands lo-fi, surf rock. We talked a bit and she discussed her “amazing experience” touring with the Vivian girls in the east coast a few weeks back.

“Bethany, your band is going to be bigger than the Vivian girls!” I exclaimed in excitement, still pumped from her set. She glowed and swung around on the barstool. Texan boy trio, Harlem, was disappointing as they sounded way too sloppy, which really sucked cause I like their music.

Saturday I hit up club Mezzanine. The line up started with My First Earthquake, lead singer Rebecca Bortman bounced happily all over the stage as she belted out some funny lyrics. Sugar and Gold, a polished synth-pop, band that reminded me of 80’s OMD, shook their tail feathers. My personal favorite was San Francisco’s Maus Haus. Their analog electronics, omni chords, horns and drums delivered hypnotic sounds that reminded me of Can and the Silver Apples. A bold statement, but I have nothing but praise for originality. !!!, always a high energetic performance with their dance oriented rock, put the crowd in an almost riotous state as they were in a gyrating, sweaty frenzy. The festival ended on Monday with The Magnetic Fields performing at Herbst Theatre. That show had sold out and my Noise Pop badge didn't get me in.

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