Monday, September 28, 2009

Current Obsession: MAX NEUTRA

Photos: Joe McQuillen
BoxEight Gallery/Studio Space in Downtown Los Angeles
September 26, 2009

McQ and I ventured to BoxEight's ONE LOVE For Music event on Saturday night. Aside from enjoying some decent tunes (one of the DJs played Maná's "Hechicera" - oh, late 90's rock en español, how I have missed you), a glass of wine and the great weather of the evening, I met my current obsession: artist MAX NEUTRA.

"Max Neutra has been gaining recognition as one of the premier live painters in the Los Angeles area and is known for his "delightfully twisted" aesthetic and wild live painting shows. It was on stage with bands such as Tweak Bird and Box Violet where Max first experimented with live painting. Since then he has been invited to participate in many large events such as the X-Games and Sunset Junction, as well as at regular art shows in the So-Cal area."

He was working a couple of pieces while we were there. I particularly like the piece that I purchased from him: The Audition. Visit his website and check out the prints and rare originals that he has for sale. They're totally affordable. They're fucking awesome. You have no excuse. Get on it already. Check out some of the photos McQ took at the event.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Birthday,

Hey! Guess who's baby is turning 1 year old? That's right. None other than Kevin Bronson's Buzz Bands blog. Aw, cute!! What do you get a blog for it's first birthday? An awesome show, that's what. Bronson never disappoints when it comes to putting a good lil line up together. Also, I'll be working the merch table so come to the show, get yourself a drink at the bar, get me one while you're at it, stop by the table, say hi, drop off my drink, pick up some awesome merch and enjoy the line up.

Check it:

Wednesday, September 30, 2009
The Echo
Doors open at 8pm
$8 cover (totally worth every penny)

Eastern Conference Champions (HEART THEM!!)
Voxhaul Broadcast (EP release party for these guys - be sure to pick one up at the merch table when you come and say hi to me)
Samuel Stewart (visit Buzz Bands for a couple of free downloads)
Radio FreQ!

See you there!!!

McQ's Point of View: Night 2 - Ooh La La Festival at The Henry Fonda

Photos: Joe McQuillen
Words: Joe McQuillen
Night 2 - Ooh La La Festival
Henry Fonda
September 24, 2009

Me: Sum up the night for me?
McQ: A hat, some tears and a monkey.
Me: WTF?
McQ: [The lead singer from The Dø] was very upset with the tech problems. They walked off after the first song and then came back, she fought the tears and played a few more songs. Despite last-minute replacements and technical issues it was a fun show. It's too bad there weren't more people there to see it.

The Dø


Hollywood, Mon Amour

Thursday, September 24, 2009

McQ's Point of View: Night 1 - Ooh La La Festival at The Henry Fonda

Photos: Joe McQuillen
Words: Joe McQuillen
Night 1 - Ooh La La Festival
Henry Fonda
September 23, 2009

"It was a fun lineup. Cocoon was a nice and easy appetizer, Gonzales was a great theatrical transition into Sebastien's blasé electropop. I used a French word. Aren't I funny?"