Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sonic Treat of the Day: vosotros presents: the years

Art work: Alexis Demetriades

Today's Sonic Treat of the Day is brought to you by the kind gentlemen at vosotros.

Remember that one jam? Yeah, you know the one. Whether it reminds you of your parents' 8-tracks/records, block parties in the summer or rainy days spent staring out of a window, there something that is as soothing as chicken soup when you hear these songs. Have you ever wanted someone to take your jams, put them on one album and take you on an adventure that goes from one musical era to another? Guess what? It has been done. They nailed it. They went up to bat for us and the NAILED it.

"Recorded in Los Angeles, New York City, and Macau, vosotros teams up with long-time collaborator Sam Barsh to create a musical journey through time." - the years

I can't stop listening to this album. And here's the thing: you, too, can have this addiction. Wanna know why? Wanna know how?

Why: It's great music.

How: You can download it for FREE this month simply by visiting The Years' website.

Yup. That's it. Seriously. Oh, wait. I lied. They also have a mix tape that you can download for free. Well, what the hell are you waiting for? GO! Oh, and be sure to pay attention to the retro hairstyle that appears on the page when you visit the site before clicking on it. It's different every time (alternating between the 10 faces you see on the cover). It's also awesome every time.

Don't be greedy. Tell your friends. Real friends share good music with each other. It's true.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Voltaic Screening in Los Angeles Tonight

Voltaic (DVD of Björk’s Volta tour in Paris and Reykjavik) will be released nationwide next week (June 30). But hey, guess what? People in the Los Angeles area will be treated to an awesome screening of Voltaic TONIGHT at the Montalban Theater.

Björk fans around the world (including me) are super excited about this release. I get chills EVERYTIME I watch the trailer. The SICK visuals, the genius sound engineering that went into this tour, the stage presence that this Icelandic fairy and her family of performers have on stage is incomparable to anyone I have ever scene live before.

CLICK HERE to check out the trailer for the DVD and see for yourself!

Don't live in Los Angeles? That's okay. Check out this list and see if they have a screening near you.

June 23 - Madison, WI @ The Orpheum Stage Door
June 23 - New York, NY @ School of Visual Arts Theater
June 23-28 - Oxford, MS @ The Amp
June 23-28 - Lake Geneva, WI @ Geneva Theater
June 24 - Minneapolis, MN @ The Trylon Microcinema
June 26, 27 - Seattle, WA @ Northwest Film Forum
June 26, 27 - San Francisco, CA @ The Roxie
June 26, 27 - Bellingham, WA @ Pickford Film Center
June 26, 27 - New Orleans, LA @ Zeitgeist Arts Center
July 20 - Austin, TX @ Alamo Drafthouse Ritz

More dates will be announced at Cinema Purgarotio.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Nouvelle Vague Jazzes Up The Masses At The Fonda

Photos: Joe McQuillen
Nouvelle Vague
June 20, 2009
The Music Box (Henry Fonda)

Oh, France. You're so good to us. And why? I'm not sure. But I'll tell you this: I love you for it. Thanks for sending Nouvelle Vague our way this summer. And thanks for making the recording of their third album (NV3) possible. Did I mention that it includes a cover of Depeche Mode's "Master and Servant" (which also features a Martin Gore cameo) and a cover of Echo and The Bunnymen's "All My Colours" (also featuring a Ian McCulloch cameo). Oh well, I just did. As we say in America: RIGHT ON!

The ladies of Nouvelle Vague graced the stage, one wearing a black cape as she seduced the audience into a trance unlike any other I've ever experienced at Fonda. The floor of the theatre was packed. The crowd was mixed and included hipsters, rockabilly chicks and t-shirt and jean folks like me and McQ. The six piece, lit by the moody blue and red lights of the venue, blew kisses in the form of songs to the crowd with older material like The Clash's "Guns of Brixton" (complete with a whistling solo) and Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart," along with songs off the forthcoming album, including the aforementioned Depeche Mode and Echo and The Bunnymen covers.

One of my favorite moments of the show was the introduction of the melodeon. GAWD, I love that instrument! The girls' flirty choreography didn't bother me one bit. They pranced about the stage, all sexy like, and gave a great performance. This is definitely a band you will want to catch the next time they're in town if you haven't seen them live. Nouvelle Vague plans to return in September and their latest release, NV3, will be released in the states in September so LOOK OUT! It's a great collection of songs and as always, they're done in the sexy way that only Nouvelle Vague can do.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Review: White Rabbits at The Troubadour

Photos: Zara Bloom
White Rabbits
June 18, 2009
The Troubadour

The White Rabbits played a sold out show at The Troubadour this past Thursday night. First of all, any band that needs two of its members on percussion is almost always certain to have my heart. Add a little tambourine and you've got yourself a great show. The White Rabbits were no exception to this. They relentlessly rocked the bodies that were present that night.

By the third song into their set, I had to go outside to have myself a smokey treat and get some "fresh" air. What did I find out there? People were STILL trying to get tickets to get in. Da-yum! Let me put it this way: The Loft upstairs was practically empty but because people didn't have access to stay up there. Oh no, no, no. It was empty because everyone that did have access, including me, would have rather been out in the crowd watching the show and dancing along to the rhythms of the White Rabbits. It was a great show. Their new album, 'It's Frightening,' is catchy, pulsating and sure to keep you on the look out for their next show.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Kevin Bronson and Buzz Bands Thank Los Angeles

Photos: Zara Bloom
Buzz Bands show with The Lassie Foundation, Amusement Parks on Fire, Magic Mirror and The Broken Remotes
The Echoplex
June 15, 2009

What do you get when you mix yummy pizza from Two Boots, a huge crowd with tons of familiar and friendly faces, four awesome bands that have come together to give you a free show and one venue that kicks ass? You get a Buzz Bands show, DUH! Here are a few photos from the evening. Bummed you missed it? Yeah, well, next time I tell you to come to a show, you should just do it. Seriously, guys. COME ON!