Thursday, May 28, 2009

CONTEST: Win a copy the Silversun Pickups' latest album, 'Swoon'

Yeah, that's right. We're giving away MORE stuff here at Kill The Mic. And if you behave yourselves, we just might keep doing so. What's on the free menu today? None other than a copy of the Silversun Pickups' sophomore album, 'Swoon'. That's right. It's like that. So, you want a copy? Cool because we want to give you one. We have two copies to giveaway so tell your friends, too. Email us your name and mailing address to to enter to win. I know. Easy, right?

And here's another treat for those of you who enjoy instant gratification: Check out the band on AOL Spinner's The Interface by clicking here. Why, you ask? Oh, you know, so you can check out live performances of Panic Switch, Sort Of, Growing Old Is Getting Old, The Royal We and an interview with frontman Brian Aubert. No big deal.

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SHO-NUFF/SHOW SHOTS: Love Grenades and Sam Sparro at Spaceland

Photos: Kristy Sparow
Love Grenades and Sam Sparro
May 27, 2009

Another photo essay from the fabulous 801k. ENJOY!

Monday, May 25, 2009

SHO-NUFF/SHOW SHOTS: Eulogies, Great Northern and The Dears at The Echoplex

Photos: Kristy Sparow
Eulogies, Great Northern and The Dears
The Echoplex
May 23, 2009

So Kristy and I had a photo shoot on Saturday afternoon that didn't wrap until after 9pm so we weren't able to catch the Eulogies' set. Bummer.

We did, however, walk in just as Great Northern had started playing their set to a packed house at The Echoplex. There's something about the venue's low ceilings, combined with the sweet, sweet sounds of one of my local favorites that makes me think, "Tonight, everything is in its right place." The band was on point and the crowd was swooning and singing along.

There was a ton of great merchandise available for sale from each of the bands that night. THE coolest thing I feasted my lil eyes on were these hand made posters of the nights show made by Mike Thacker of Two Rabbits Studios. I believe there were only 40 or so made, each of them numbered by hand and signed, and they were $20. My broke ass couldn't afford one but I definitely was day dreaming about how one day, I'd go and get it framed all fancy like and hang it on my walls...and there would be these times where all I would have to do is walk by this amazing poster that was made with so much love and attention to detail and it would put a smile on my face. Hey, Mike - do you have a lay away plan that you can hook me up with? If so, save me one please!

This is the artist himself. Super sweet guy and very talented artist. Be sure to check out more of Mike Thacker's posters and prints by visiting Two Rabbits Studios HERE.

The Dears had some pretty cool visuals projected onto the screens behind them on stage, as well as the side screen that I was staring at when their set started. I was a little confused at first. Why? Well, because I heard music. I heard vocals. But I saw NO ONE on stage. Um...did I take one too many hits off that pipe? Am I losing my mind? Nope. Murray Lightburn, The Dears' lead singer, started off the set from the middle of the crowd, holding a flash light and shining it onto the audience members as he made his way through. Awesome! For those of us who couldn't see him up close and personal, we had the projections to look at and sway back and forth to as we watched with admiration.

The set was a nice combination of old and new and went on for a pretty long time. What's one to do after a great show at a great venue with great people? Well, enjoy the street meat, of course. Spotted outside with a bacon wrapped hot dog (sorry veggie and vegan readers - close your eyes) in hand: Rachel of Great Northern, Kevin Bronson of Buzz Bands and Murray of The Dears, just to name a few. Amazing group of bands and an outrageously good show. You're lame if you miss out on the next opportunity to see them. Just saying...