Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fabric 8 Gallery Opening in San Francisco

Fabric 8 Gallery Opening
Mission District of San Francisco.
July 25th, 2009
Review: Lorna Pacheco
Photos: Robert Teitelbaum and Lorna Pacheco

Saturday night was filled with anticipation as we were invited to the new opening of two galleries behind what is known as the Fabric 8 boutique. Fabric 8 seells art, urban clothing, music, and rocking accessories, located in the Mission District on Saturday night.

The show featured a total of 30 artists that participated in two shows including the “Creature Features” show, honoring “monsters and other worldly creatures.” Gallery owner, Olivia Ongpin, catered guests with decadent nibbles from local vendors that included Sessions Syrah, Gobba Gobba Hey cookies and a crème brulee cart! The show delivered, as it brought together large instillations of paintings, each with unique expressions for the eyes of all future collectors to covet.

The place got crowded quickly. People just kept swarming in and pieces were being purchased (unlike a lot of the shows Ms. Killer has experienced in Los Angeles). I wasn’t fast enough and lost the golden opportunity to purchase a drawing by local artist Ursula Young, who was one of the many featured artists at the event. Not to worry though, because Fabric 8 has a track record for always having at least 20 needfull things you’ll want to take home with you. If your in SF, check out this gem of a spot, or at least view their online store at their website.

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