Wednesday, June 10, 2009

SHO-NUFF/SHOW SHOTS: Bo Burnham at The Roxy

Photos: Kristy Sparow
Bo Burnham
June 4, 2009
The Roxy

"This B.O. lingers..."

Indeed it does. Bo Burnham performed a ton of old and new material to a packed house last week at The Roxy on Sunset Blvd. After dealing with THE rudest Live Nation employee at the box office window (bitch, you know who you are!), Kristy and I finally made our way into the venue. Exactly how does an 18 year old, fresh out of high school, behave when he's on stage and the girls in the crowd are all singing along to his lyrics? Does he blush? No. He does not. He tells them to shut the fuck up. Why? Well, because:

"No! No, no...I do it better."

Oh, but it didn't stop there. Bo was heckled by his "fans" throughout the first portion of his set. Um, ladies, please shut the fuck and let the man do his thing. Oh, you're going to continue being all cunt-y and give this young man a hard time? Ok. Let's see what happens...

Bo: Pauses for moment after being rudely interrupted.
Girl: "Do you need a minute?"
Bo: " you need a fucking cock in your mouth?"

WOW. I like this guy. A LOT!

Oh, he wasn't done. Cindy, a middle aged audience member who later claimed to be related to Bo, was eventually kicked out, at Bo's request. It was awesome. This bitch kept yelling out stupid and irrelevant comments about him and his act Lame. Here's where it gets good:

Bo asked the woman to leave. She got up, as if walking towards one of the exits, but then proceeded to head towards the stage where she tried to take a seat and "enjoy" the rest of the show. Um, what the fuck, lady? He just asked you to leave. LEAVE! You're annoying all of us.

Finally, Bo just looked over at one of the security guards and said, "Get her the fuck out of here. I'm serious."

Then she pulled the "We're related. I'm related to so and so..." card.

Bo: "Who cares? Get her out of here."

Here's a picture of poor lil Cindy being escorted out of the venue - womp womp!:

After a little encore, Bo wrapped up the show only to come down minutes later to greet his fans and take some pictures. Funny guy. Nice guy. Oh, and some words of advice from Bo himself:

"Swallow bitch...there are people starving in Africa." Eat your veggies... or protein shakes or whatever.


Matt said...

Bo Rocks.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the
"High school party, senior year
girls being annoying cunts..."

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the
"High school party, senior year
girls being annoying cunts..."

sierra said...

That is TERRIBLE!!! Bo is AMAZING and he deserves to be treated better at his shows!! If she wanted to be such a bitch, she could have just not gone in the first place!!!

Mike said...

Simple. Never heckle a comedian. If I was sitting next to a heckler, I would punch them in the face.

Cat M. said...

AHHHHHHH I FUCKIN LOVE BO SOOSOSOSOOOO MUCH!!!!!!! I'm crazy for him and his genius talent!!!!!

He was sososossoo amazing at his SF show last nightttt!!!

Cat M. said...

Have you been to anymore of his shows?
I believe he's in LA tomorrow!!

Cay said...

You can tell when Bo sings his new song "Nerds" he was picked on in school, he knows how it feels, and look where he is now.. Hecklers are disrespecting him so much now, and he has dealt with it his whole life.. Bo you're amazing and come to Pittsburgh in 4 years.. I am 14 and I love you, I respect you as an artist, and a comedian, George Carlin would be proud that you look up to him as a comedian, you're doing a great job Bo. You can say I am one of you're biggest fans and I would love to meet you. Bo you're not a faggot, and when someone Hackles you on stage is just ridiculous, and it makes me mad, it's so disrespectful, they are very obnoxious. Bo you remind me of my Brother, very funny, and extremely smart.... You have so much potential Bo.. I will always be a fan.

Courtney said...

Bo actually personally admitted on a Reddit AMA that he found out after the show that the woman actually was related to him, his mother was the one who had reserved her ticket. Apparently his mother was furious about the way he treated her.

Saint D said...

Just cuz she's related doesn't give her the right to disrupt the show. Everyone there paid their money to get in and listen to Bo perform.....not listen to her mouth! If you can't be respectful, you really don't deserve to be there.