Monday, May 25, 2009


Photos: Kristy Sparow
The Palladium
May 22, 2009

The kids ARE all right and the DO dance. They dance HARD, too. Friday night started off with the fear and thought of "Am I too old to hang with the fresh kids on the scene?" but it ended up being an epic night spent with friends and strangers alike. After getting searched THOROUGHLY (don't try to sneak shit in, ok? You'll probably get caught unless you're a professional like me), we made our way in about half way through Destructo's set. After getting settled in and picking a meeting spot (for nights like these, it's kind of necessary) we started our adventures for the night.

As Tiefschwarz took the stage, my pants-off-dance-off began. Yes, I know there are a lot of you out there that claim that techno and dance music "isn't your thing" or "isn't real music" but here's the thing: FUCK YOU. Treat yourself to a show like this some time. Go with friends that you love and who can dance. I can almost promise that you will have an amazing time and will maybe lose about 10 lbs if you dance the whole night through. Trust me.

It was pretty obvious that a majority of the crowd was there to see Deadmau5. Though, if you didn't know who or what Deadmau5 was about, you might have thought you were a Disneyland with your fellow Mousekateers.

BUT, before the kids (yes, actual kids because this was an all ages show) were treated to the flavah and essence that is Deadmau5, they were treated (and surprised) by the set brought to them by Moderat (MODESELEKTOR and APPARAT). You might have heard about the high tech visuals for the Moderat set in last week's LA WEEKLY, but it wasn't until you SAW the stage that you realized how much thought was put into this particular set and tour.

The Moderat set was a lot more mellow and down tempo in comparison the rest of the music that was heard that night but it was GOOD. It caught the crowd off guard but once they realized that wasn't just about the music they were hearing but also about the visuals that were displayed on the giant screens, it became clear to me that the crowd was grateful for the variation in sounds and sights.

After taking a little break upstairs in the "VIP" area to enjoy a nice view of the crowd, we had some smokey treats and prepared for the mousey madness.

Oh and attention boys: there are always a lot of cute girls wearing very little clothing at events like these. See, I'm looking out for my homies. And girls: TONS of cute guys. TONS. My $12 cocktail (FAIL on the Palladium's part) made me feel like a suckah but the hot boys all around made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

HOLY SHIT did the crowd go crazy when Deadmau5 hit the stage. I had so much fun dancing with my friends, with strangers and by myself. Again, an epic night of fun, music and life.

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Herman said...

hey u took a picture of me and my friend is there any way i could get it?