Sunday, April 5, 2009

8th Annual OC Music Awards

Photos: The Sparow

Last night, The Sparow and I hit up the OC Music Awards, hosted at The Grove in Anaheim. We got there just in time to see host, Kat Corbett, hit the stage for the show's kick off: a performance from

The Humanlab

Other performances included:

Cory Case

Suburban Legends
(The Sparow really like these guys. Me - not so much)

Japanese Motors

Venus Infers (not pictured)

The Union Line

(another one of my favorites)

And the highlight of all the performances last night, Mickey Avalon (he accepted the award for Best Hip Hop artist with a drink in hand so naturally he hit the stage with one as well)
Mickey Avalon had himself some big booty hos...and DAYUM that blonde has got the junk!

Other highlights from the show included:

A rad little documentary about the Orange County music scene, which was narrated by Jim Washburn and included footage and interviews with: Leo Fender, The Righteous Brothers, The Harmony Park Ballroom, the man who "added Jesus to the end of every sentence" because he was so desperate to play a show, Dennis Lluy and many more. The short piece really made me proud to be from Orange County, so suck it Los Angeles! Ok, just kidding. We cool.

"Corvette Sandy" was sort of dressed like she was ready for the prom or my 15nera. I LOVED IT!

The Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Martin Brown, co-founder of the OC Music Awards, who officially stepped down from the committee and handed his lil baby over to Luke Allen.

And the winners are:

Best New Artist
Japanese Motors (Dear THAT Guy From The Band: Why did you INSIST on wearing sunglasses the whole time? Just wondering...)

Best Jazz
Translucent Ham Sandwich Band

Best Punk

Best Live Acoustic
Cory Case

Best Hip Hop
Mickey Avalon

Best Alternative
Venus Infers

Best Blues
Parker Macy Blues

Best Indie
Venus Infers

Best World
The Fenians

Best Electronic
Faded Paper Figures

Best Pop
The Bolts

Best Country/Americana
The Fallen Stars

Best Metal

Best Live Band
The Union Line

Best Surf
Japanese Motors

Best Club DJ
Free The Robots

Best Latin
Boogaloo Assasins

Best Rock
The Shys

Best Song
"No Harm Done" - Aushua

People's Choice

Best Album
"The Truth About Venus Infers" - Venus Infers

For a complete list of nominees, visit the OC Music Awards website.


Rory said...

I hear The Shys are fantabulously fantastical, but I have not had the pleasure of seeing them. I wish, however, I could like Mickey Avalon. As it is, he annoys the ever-loving crap out of me. Same goes for Atreyu, who have ruined a perfectly good literary/cinematic name for me for all eternity.

Yup. That's all. Ciao, bella!

Ash said...

you can see The Shys at the Yost Theater in Santa Ana on April 23.

Nice blog btw!


Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you know if you love good music a great event coming up is the Hoobastank concert at Sutra in Costa Mesa. They are actually having a new album so it's going to be really cool to hear their new music. The concert is on Wednesday, June 10, and tickets are available at www.wanttickets.come. See you there!