Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Launch of HEART

Joshua Fisher is launching HEART and is kicking things off with an amazing line up for tonight's party at The Echo, with the help of LA Record and KXLU. Who's on the bill? Only two of my favorite bands in all of Los Angeles - The Movies and The Happy Hollows. Not to mention, the ever buzz worthy, Avi Buffalo.

So what is HEART all about? I got in touch with Joshua, the man himself, and asked him to enlighten us a bit and this is what he had to say:

"HEART as the company/concept has already grown and soon it will be reborn with a new name. [The] new venture is looking to change the face of the music industry and label structure. HEART will still remain a management and consulting firm at this time... and maybe even a subsidiary under a bigger label in the near future."

And Joshua isn't really concerned about the state of the economy, the music industry as a whole or any of that blah blah nonsense.

"Most people are freaking out. I am loving it. This makes everything a challenge and forces people such as myself to think outside of the box."

We all know The Movies, The Happy Hollows (along with the Sad Solid) and Karin Tatoyan have made their mark on the local music scene in Los Angeles. What's the recipe to their success?

"Take Karin Tatoyan for example... amazing! That project took a lot of time and development, about a year and a half. Now every time she plays out she gets these write ups by writers such as yourself who are just blown away. If she went out too early, people would have turned their heads and once that happens its hard to earn respect again as a musician."

HEART currently manages: The Happy Hollows, Anni Rossi, Karin Tatoyan, Crooked Cowboy & The Freshwater Indians, The Movies, Jason Aaron, Inlets, Jillian Hank Leigh and PUBLIC. The label launched its first digital release and 7" with The Happy Hollows' 'Imaginary' in October of last year. Rumor has it, The Happy Hollows are going to sign to a much bigger label before the week's end. PLEASE LET THIS BE TRUE! I cannot get enough of them...PLEASE!!

Be sure to stop by tonight for an endless buffet of yummy music and help the rest of Los Angeles welcome the beautiful baby that is HEART. It's free before 8 pm and $5 after.

The line-up and set times (times may vary):
12am Avi Buffalo
11pm The Happy Hollows
10pm The Movies
9pm Crooked Cowboy and the Freshwater Indians
8:25pm Anni Rossi
7:50pm Jillian Hank Leigh
7:20pm Whitman

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