Thursday, July 31, 2008

Interview: Chad and JT of Paper Route

Aside from our mutual love for rhythm sections and fellow music whores, Chad and JT of Paper Route and I have a lot in common. After a lil drama with the my backstage pass (it happens), we got settled in their trailer and talked about their current tour, their solid EP, 'Are We All Forgotten,' and the full length album that they are hoping to release early next year. I just hope they weren't offended by my potty mouth...I do that a lot.

KTM: I know you guys are working on new album and touring for the latest EP. Is the band's writing and recording process any different this time around?

JT: We used to do a lot of live writing before. We were more focused on our sound. With the addition of Gavin, our new drummer, the whole process is more of a collaboration. We're writing more as a group.


KTM: You guys have been doing a lot more touring recently. How has the whole experience been for you guys? Is there a show or venue that stole your heart and has become a favorite?

Chad: We've had the opportunity to play and visit a lot of cities that we haven't played before. One of the most memorable shows we played was Emo's in Austin. The energy was amazing.

JT: It's been really cool. We've noticed a lot of people singing along to our songs.


KTM: I immediately fell in love with your sound. It's really killer delivery of trip-hop and shoe gaze music, in my opinion. Does this comparison bother you?

Chad: No. We LOVE it. We're drawn to music that you can day dream to and get lost in. I think both of those genres are natural to us. We're huge fans of old school trip hop artists like Bristol and Portishead. It's more about mood and not the style. We have a lot of respect for the integrity that they posses.

JT: When they're singing, they're actually saying something. When they're not singing, the music swallows you - without any lyrics.

Chad: We love beats!


KTM: How long have you guys been together?

Chad: We've only been together for about a year and a half.

KTM: Wow. I'm impressed. You guys have gotten pretty far in that short amount of time. How has the journey been for you guys so far?

Chad: We started at home with our laptops in our bedrooms. It later evolved into playing shows. We've pretty much went into the studio and tried to teach ourselves how to record. Maybe in a year we'll try something bigger. It's a challenge.

JT: Yea. It was like, "Okay, go and figure it out." (laughs) Then, it was like, we actually have to figure it out! (laughs)


KTM: Have you guys had any formal training as musicians?

Chad: I grew up in a musical family. I got my first keyboard when I was 14 and I'm still playing it. Same one. (laughs)

JT: I'm pretty much self taught. It definitely has its pros and cons.


KTM: I'm not going to lie - I thought the line up tonight was a joke. I thought, "A band this good CANNOT be playing with these bands! (bands shall remain nameless because I'm feeling kind of nice today)." But I understand that this is a pretty nice tour to be on and it will, hopefully, expose you and your music to some listeners with good musical taste. How's it been for you so far?

Chad: This is our third show into the tour. Eventually, we'd love to open up for like Sonic Youth or something... or like the bands that we liked in high school and middle school that are still doing their thing today, like Radiohead. We're kind of in discovery mood with our current tour mates. It's been cool.

KTM: Dayum. You don't fuck around!



KTM: So you guys are a pretty young band. How important do you feel it is for you, or any band, to have the team of managers, PR camp and label support?

Chad: I don't think a label is necessary. They definitely can fast forward things, but for us, it's been great. We're in complete control.

JT: It's the first time that these things have been an option. We just have always gravitated towards people that have been really excited about the music. That's what counts.


KTM: Lately, it seems like a lot of artists are making their money from licensing their music. How commercial do you feel your sound is? Do you feel like you guys can bank on that?

JT: We're like a pop version of a lot of the old school trip hop bands. I don't know if we'll fit in. It's weird. I remember when I first heard Nirvana on the radio. Things are not like that anymore.

Chad: "Pop" music used to have a lot of integrity. We have no predictions on what will happen for us, though. If something changed, we'd be happy.


KTM: How's the new album coming along? Are you mixing down and mastering the tracks yet?

Chad: We're still writing and recording.

KTM: Are you guys able to get some writing done while on tour?

Chad: No new material has been written so far. It's hard with the schedules we have.


KTM: So what's the deal with these lil YouTube commercials you have up?

JT: I've always wanted to put as much visual art up as possible.

KTM: Why these shorter commercials versus music videos?

JT: I just think it gives the listeners what our vision of the song is and still gives them the chance to day dream to the music.


KTM: So who do you want to reach out to with your music?

Chad: (slowly pointing to me) YOU!

KTM: I don't count. I'm a music whore.


JT: Well, then people like you.

KTM: So whores like me?


Chad: Yea! We've actually been a little surprised at the age groups that we've been attracting.

JT: I would have to say college age group. You know, people our age that are falling in and out of love. People that are still trying to figure out if they believe in God and religion.

KTM: My fave track on the newest EP is "Are We All Forgotten" - what's that about?

JT: Andy wrote that. He's talking about how hard it is to actually believe in God.

Chad: We talk about heavier subject matters and issues.

KTM: Keep talking honey, 'cuz I'm listening!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sonic Treat of the Day: Estelle

Current obsession! Ugh! Estelle's voice is butter-esque. The groove is pretty sick, too!

"Don't like his baggy jeans but I'ma like what's underneath them..."

Nuff said.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

F Yeah Fest/Tour Hits East Lo

28 shows in 27 days

Saturday August 30th, Echo & Echoplex get their turn
4pm - All Ages

Line up includes: No Age, Negative Approach, Matt & Kim, Fucked Up, Sex/Vid, Two Gallants, David Vandervelde, Glass Candy, High Places, Mika Miko, Monotonix, The Strange Boys, Mannequin Men, Bumblebeez, Crystal Antlers, Ladyhawk, War Tapes, Frank Farfield, Graham Forest + many more bands TBA shortly.
One Ticket. Two Rooms. And More.

Tickets are$16 in advance or $17, day of show.

Click here for tickets for tickets and here for myspace pimp-age.

The Write Bloody crew will leave it's Maker's Mark on the Barker Block

As we mentioned in an earlier post, Filter Magazine announced that the Write Bloody, ASCAP and Cardboard Robot crews would be hosting the July 31st date of their summer Barker Block Sunset Series. Seriously you guys, if you're going to go to any of these shin digs, go to THIS one.

Be sure to RSVP for the event at: for free admission and entry to this event. Enjoy the open bar, Paul G. Maziar and Matt Maust will be sharing their goods, you'll be treated to a live performance from some peeps we haven't see live yet (but are down to check out) that go by the name of The Antiques and DJ Pants Off - yes, I said DJ Pants Off - will be playing some tune-age filler. Sounds like a win-win situation all around, if you ask me. Especially if you haven't read or heard of the Write Bloody crew's published work. This is your chance. Hurry! Before the hipsters try to take this from us!! Kidding. OK, maybe not. But seriously...come!

I haven't convinced you yet? Well fuck you! But watch this first:

The party starts at 6 and ends at 10. Get there early.
513 S. Molino St.
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Don't for get about The Drums in Your Chest 2, also hosted by the Write Bloody crew, event this coming Saturday,. Click here or scroll down for details.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Golden Voice Announces Detour Festival Line Up

The festival, hosted by Golden Voice and LA Weekly, will be held on Saturday, October 4, 2008, in Downtown LA, near City Hall. Tickets have not gone on sale yet (Tickets Available: Friday August 1, 2008 and are priced at $40.50). If you attended last year's festival, you know that you want to make sure that you get your money's worth. This year's line up = definitely better than last year's and sure to be worth the ticket price.

Here's the line up:
The Mars Volta
Gogol Bordello
Shiny Toy Guns
The Presets
Cut Copy
Matt Costa
Black Lips
Hercules and Love Affair
Grand Ole Party
The Submarines
Adam Freeland
The Bloody Beetroots
Para One
Guns N' Bombs (live)
Peanut Butter Wolf
Buraka Som Sistema
Nico Vega
Japanese Motors
The Mae Shi
We Are Wolves
Noah and the Whale
DJ Kid Lightning
AC Means

Save the date: 08-08-08

Prepare to have your mind blown...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

And you can dance...for inspiration!

Only serious dance music freaks need attend. Don't bother if you're too good for the dance floor or too cool for school.

Friday, July 11, 2008


If you were lucky enough to be at last year's The Drums Inside Your Chest, you know how much of a kick ass event/party this lil shin dig. Not only do you get to witness some of THE best poetry being performed by some of THE best poets, but you also have a chance to buy their books and have some Maker's Mark with them!

First, here's what you missed last year...well, Anoulay and I didn't, but you might have so this is for you - Oh and FYI, these people made me cry more than once:

Here's some information so that you can get your candy asses out there:

Mark your calendar for August 2nd
8pm- Arrival by 7:30pm is strongly suggested
The New Los Angeles Theatre Center in Downtown Los Angeles
514 S Spring St
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 627-6500



Some words from Miss Amber Tamblyn, herself, regarding the poets for this year's DIYC:

One of my favorite poets. He caught my ear with the line, "Women who
dream as a favor". Incredibly vibrant and intense, this guy is sure
to tickle your pinks. I have no idea what that means but he's

Andrea is an incredible writer and performer. I've seen her perform
many times and every time I'm blown away. An Individual World Slam
Poetry winner and major gay rights activist, Andrea has the perfect
blend of humor and truth to wash out all of your dirty filthy laundry.
Even your thongs.

One of my favorite people, on and off stage. "Mighty" Mike McGee is
the first and only person to win the National Poetry Slam Individual
Championship (2003) and the Individual World Poetry Slam Championship
(2006). Mike is an incredible performer, funny and surreal,
captivating and brilliant. He's also ticklish under his heart.

Roger Bonair-Agard is a native of Trinidad and Tobago, a Cave Canem
fellow and the author of two collections of poetry; "tarnish and
masquerade" (Cypher Books - 2006) and the soon to be released GULLY
(Cypher Books - 2009). He is a two-time National Poetry Slam Champion
and co-founder and Artistic Director of the louderARTS Project. Roger
teaches and performs throughout the world, and also, might have the
sexiest pack of abs this side of anywhere. Seriously, folks. He
tastes really good, mentally.

Wanda is one of my major personal influences. She's an award-winning
poet & writer who has pioneered the spoken-word scene since the 1970s.
Born in Watts and raised in South Central Los Angeles, she has
published 19 books, including her latest: Jazz and Twelve O'Clock
Tales (Black Sparrow Books). From Amsterdam to Stockholm, from Paris
to Sydney, she has stunned audiences with her "take no prisoners"
performance style--on campuses, at literary venues, museums and rock
clubs. She has influenced a generation of like-performers, including
jazz musicians and punk rockers. One of my all time favorite poems
comes from this woman. In 'Moon Cherries', Wanda writes, "On your
tongue, piss turns to milk. You devastate me." The only way to
explain her performance and presence in a room is with this mediocre
word: Powerhouse.

What can I say? He's a living legend. This is no exaggeration. Jack
has published more than 100 books and 50 translations of poetry from 9
languages, including Pablo Neruda and Pasolini. Since leaving a
university teaching career in the '60s, Jack has taken the free
exchange of poetry and politics into the streets and has been called
by Luke Breit, "American's most important living poet." He has
released his most extensive collection of poems yet, The Arcanes,
published in Salerno, Italy by Multimedia Edizioni, The Arcanes
comprises 126 long poems spanning 34 years- a massive achievement.
Jack is the poet Laureate of San Francisco and is responsible for what
most consider to be, the most significant poem of the 21st century,
"Path". Look it up. He'll change the way you see the color red.

Beau performed the Drums event last year. Also an incredible
performer and poet, Beau is one of my all time favorite hosts, sugar
daddys, late night phone conversationalists, rock climbers,
listeners, huggers, people. We are EXTREMELY excited and honored that
Beau will be hosting this years event. (see the Drums trailer to get
a taste of Beau's style again)



Thursday, July 10, 2008

Barker Block Sunset Series - starts today!

The Sunset Series launches, today, July 10, at the Barker Block Gallery with an interactive art mixer featuring live art by James Tolentino, photobooth and beverages.

The Sunset Series has a ton of events planned for the rest of the summer (see list below). All events begin at 6 p.m. For more information on the concert series, please visit the Filter Sunset Series' myspace page. You can RSVP for any of these events by emailing:

July 31
Hosted by actress Amber Tamblyn (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants), featuring the release of the Write Bloody-published novel, What It Is What It Is by Paul Maziar and art by Matt Maust (of Cold War Kids) and live performance by The Antiques

August 14
Spotlights “The Love Hangover Art Showing” featuring live art and auction as well as a live set from Los Angeles favorites Castaneda and the New York City buzz band The Kiss Off.

August 28
Guests can beat the heat by enjoying a sunset social with mellow tunes, wine tasting and art exhibit

September 11
The Sunset Series rounds out the summer with live musical performances by Two Sheds and a psychedelic performance by West Indian Girl featuring an Indie Rock Chess tournament with the band and their musical opponents.

The Barker Block Gallery
513 S. Molino Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Win a ton of The Who goodies from Kill The Microphone

Listen up cats and kittens! We at Kill The Microphone want you to help us celebrate the 2008 Rock Honors show and Rock Honors Weekend...and by that we mean - WE WANT TO GIVE YOU SOME FREE STUFF! One winner will be able to receive a Rock Honors/Who-themed prize pack, including a commemorative flask, shot glass, t-shirt, and guitar picks. Email us with your name, age and mailing address to enter to win -

The winner will be picked on the night that the show airs and announced on the site. Tell all your friends that are Who fans. Let us know if any of your guys will be at the show this Saturday so that Music Is My Boyfriend and Kill The Microphone can say hello to you!

Don't forget: There are still tickets available to the show, which takes place on July 12th. If you can't make it to the show, you can always catch it on the telly, airing July 17th on VH1.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Can you think of a better way to recover from 4th of July?

It's hot. You're sexy. Get your swimsuit on, pay 10 bucks and drink all you bar!

Free Summer Concert Series at The Hammer Museum in Westwood

Indie 103.1 presents the 3rd annual FREE Summer concert series at the Hammer Museum in Westwood - "Also I Like to Rock" - Thursday nights in July.

Doors open at 8PM each night and live music starts at 9PM. The shows are totally free, but limited to the first 1000 people in the door. Bud Light Lime is sponsoring the events so go out there, enjoy the music and drunk a beer, yo!


07.10.08 - The Deadly Syndrome and Miss Derringer
07.17.08 - The Duke Spirit and Io Echo
07.24.08 - Tokyo Police Club and Afternoons

This really makes us sad...

The L.A. Times is cutting well over 200 jobs. Our hearts go out to those that are part of the print and online news divisions.

We will be VERY sad if they take The Guide away. It just wouldn't be right...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

VH1 - Rock Honors: The Who!!

L.A. is having their own little mini music festival of sorts in preparation and celebration of VH1's Rock Honors' homage to The Who. To honor one of the most influential bands in rock and roll, VH1, along with the help of Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, The Flaming Lips and Incubus will perform with the band LIVE onstage at LA’s Pauley Pavilion at UCLA on July 12th. You can get tickets to this amazing event, which will surely be one to tell your future babies about. Can't make it or afford tickets? Check out this nifty lil calendar of events that I have posted below and celebrate with Los Angeles and the rest of the world. This concert will air on VH1 on Thursday, July 17 at 9pm.

Also, stay tuned for a bad ass contest, giving you a chance to win some rad prizes! Tell all of your fellow Who-lligans about it, too!

Events for the weekend include:


6pm: Guitar Center Presents Sessions with Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) @ Guitar Center Hollywood

8pm: The Gutter Twins & Ed Harcourt @ The Roxy

8pm: Tribute to Sublime @ Malibu Inn

9pm: Supreme Being of Leisure @ Viper Room
Be sure to order the “Who Am I” mojito!!

All night: The Who Karaoke Night @ Blue Goose Lounge

All night: Quadrophenia Night @ Seven Grand


10am – 6pm: Shop @ Intermix and buy a limited-edition VH1 Rock Honors Torn shirt, designed by Scarlett Johansson, sold exclusively by Intermix.
**20% of proceeds will be donated to VH1 Save The Music***

3pm – 7pm: The Who Are You Happy Hour @ Pink Taco
Specialty drinks inspired by The Who and name tags for all guests to wear their favorite song by The Who on their sleeve

7pm – 9pm: Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane/Starship exhibit/appearance @ Gallery 319

9pm – 2am: Trans Am Fridays @ Beauty Bar
DJ Apollo Starr and Beauty Bar Present Trans Am Fridays, playing the best in big hair and rock and roll!

7pm – 1am: Greg Laswell’s CD release show @ Hotel CafĂ©

8pm: Tribute to Journey @ Malibu Inn

8pm – 2am: The Liesurelies, Nothing Yet, Wayward Sons, Marliese @ The Derby

7pm: Emergenza Festival @ Key Club

8pm: Kode9 @ The Roxy

9pm – 2am: Underground @ The Echo

8pm: NYC’s KHZ “West Coast CD Release” with Dave Navarro @ Viper Room

All night: Screenings of The Who movies @ Ye Coach and Horses


8pm: VH1 Rock Honors: The Who Ceremony –The Who performing live with Pearl Jam, Foo Fighter, The Flaming Lips, Incubus, and more @ Pauley Pavilion Center

5pm: Rock Band competition, Rock Honors BBQ @ Crane's Hollywood Tavern

6pm: Which One’s Pink? Tribute to Pink Floyd @ Canyon Club

7pm: Emergenza Festival @ Key Club

7pm: Rock Honors Night @ Whisky A Go-Go
Cipes & The People and many more

8pm: Tribute to Unwritten Law @ Malibu Inn

7pm – 2am: Pedestrian CD release @ Hotel Cafe

9pm – 2am: Club Bang! @ The Ruby

8pm: Filter, The Urgency, Opiate for the Masses @ The Roxy

All night: Screenings of The Who movies @ Ye Coach and Horses


3pm: Rock ‘n’ Read @ Virgin Megastore

Doors TBD: Freeform Orchestra @ Viper Room

7pm – 1am: Toms Benefit show with The Who covers @ Hotel Cafe

All night: Pub Experience @ Molly Malone’s

All night: Screenings of The Who movies @ Ye Coach and Horses


Doors TBD: Indie 103.3 presents local bands @ Viper Room

8:30: Steel Panther (formerly known as Metal Skool) tribute to The Who @ Key Club

Who doesn't like junkie pimp clowns?

You might be asking, "What the fuck is this?" Oh, just a lil movie with a cameo by the infamous Kevin Bronson...that's all. Check it out.

Peter Hook at Detroit Bar - Update

Set times (approx):

DJ Rob 10-11
GMO 11-12
Peter Hook 12-1
Dan Sena 1-close

See you there!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sonic Treat of the Day: No Age - "Eraser"

This video is like a Ground Hog Day themed mushroom trip. It's amazing. I love it when Sonic Treats become lil visual treats, too! It makes me giddy and quite warm and fuzzy inside. Thank you, No Age!! And thank you, Sub Pop.


PS: Be sure to visit the band's myspace page so that you hear (download!) their cover of Bjork's "It's Oh So Quiet"