Monday, June 2, 2008

Movie Review: Pineapple Express

Filter Magazine hosted a special screening of Pineapple Express last Friday and Kill The Microphone sent Social Anxiety's very own, Owen Teach to the screening to check it out and give us the scoop. While James Franco and Seth Rogen were at the MTV Movie awards this weekend smoking a bag of fake weed, Owen Teach was doing it right and has this review to offer you:

Let me first say that the only way I could have enjoyed this movie any more than I did was if I was stoned out of my mind. The basic plot goes like this: Rogen plays a weed loving process server (you know, the guys that serve subpoenas) who’s life consists of his job, his eighteen year old girlfriend and getting high. His drug dealer (played by Franco) is a perma-stoned nincompoop who aspires to be an intellectual yet is two beers short of a six-pack. While taking a smoke break before a job Rogen witnesses a murder and flees the scene in a panic. He might have gotten away scott free had he not left behind a joint containing a rare strain of weed that could only have come from Franco. Armed with only a duffle bag full of pot and a couple of fruit rollups they go on the run, leading to adventure and high jinks aplenty.

The movie was short and sweet. Some of Rogen's other films tend to drag on towards the middle but Pineapple express powered straight through to the end. The pacing was great and the action scenes managed to keep you on the edge of your seat and made you laugh uncontrollably all at the same time. The chemistry between Franco and Rogen was amazing and the banter was quick and dry. So dry that I think you need to see it twice to really get every joke. Rogen was great as usual, however Franco really stole the show. He usually plays more serious roles (i.e. the green goblin or James Dean) but he sure had me convinced of his authenticity as a slack jawed stoner. In fact throughout most of the movie Franco and Rogen actually appear to be stoned stupid. Part of what made the film so funny was the knowledge the writers had of the pot culture. They got everything right from the way people act when high to the names of the different strains of weed.

I also have to give credit to the supporting cast. From the effeminate and sensitive hit men to the on the edge mob boss played by the great Gary Cole, they all helped make the movie great. My only gripe was the ending. There were a few questions and plot twists left unanswered…although, had they gone into detail the movie probably would have dragged on for an unnecessary fifteen or twenty minutes. Over all I would say that Pineapple express is a hilarious movie that truly shows the talent of Seth Rogen and James Franco. I give it five out of five dead hookers.

-Owen Teach

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